July 20, 2012


Sometimes you can't trust the voices in your head. The voice that says, " Go kill" so clear that you think someone might hear you... All you need to do is to strangle that pretty neck and snap it with your bare hands. Effortless and easy. Perhaps she deserved it or may be not.. But when the head is messed, reason eludes you.
The idea of murder is like an obsession or even an addiction. First you just begin to imagine the scenes in your head, and then they enter your dreams. Because in your dream , you are the king and you serve justice to people. Soon, the dream possesses you so much, you can no longer sleep. To murder is to redeem oneself from those nightmares of bloodshed. To murder is to seek solace and to put an end to this farce. To murder is to end a lie. To murder is to be courageous enough to witness the macabre. Murder is the last cry of a helpless soul.

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