November 12, 2015

The canary that forgot to sing

The canary that forgot to sing
caged so long that it lost his song
or its voice, I don't know.
Maybe he doesn't know
that he used to sing beautifully 
Once upon  a time.

Once upon a time, 
this canary was known for his songs
haunting and enchanting
singing the songs 
that mankind had forgotten.
People came from all over
to listen to his songs.
Some cried;
remembering their lost love.
Some laughed ;
at their own follies
Other smiled
at the loving memories.
Some called the canary 
a healer, others magician.

But Canary wanted to fly off
to see another world
"To spread the music and sing for others"
he thought. 
He flew to another place; saw the wondrous sights, 
He also met new people
Canary even learnt new songs.
Canary then began to sing the new songs.
"People here; like these songs",
he thought. 
Canary made new friends, 
and sang some more new songs.
Slowly he forgot his songs
the songs that made people cry,
the songs that made people smile
the songs that made people laugh.

Once upon a time ,
he used to sing  his songs.
Now he thinks he lost his voice
or maybe he forgot those songs.
I don't know.
This canary sings no more!

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