March 01, 2010

Now, thats what I call a performance! :D

Vini has already written an awesome post on the event " anantrang " , Vikram Hazra' s concert in Mangalore. But then I had to make a mention here for I have never seen such an event in mangalore before where 1300 people were dancing crazy to someone's tunes :D... Mangalore has been waiting for this dhamaka since long. To organise an event like this within a span of 2 and half weeks of intense work is definitely not a joke. Music, knowledge and meditation woven together to gift us a an evening of bliss and pure joy :) Looking forward for another great rocking concert with Vikram Hazra eagerly .........

One thing I learnt from him is, not to be ashamed of our product. Dude, if Abida Parveen can make sufi music a brand then why should we shy away from singing bhajans. Moreover sanskrit chants themselves produce such vibrations in our mind that they can energize every cell of the body! Research shows that the Vedic chants and music which had more sound and rhythm, used as a source of healing and up liftment reflected the intuition that each intonation and inflection of voice could have beneficial or adverse effects. (Sumathy Sundar & Sairam, 2005) The Vedic chants were used by the people to please the presiding deities of different Vedic sacrifices to get benedictions of brilliance, power and wisdom to cure diseases.Present day music therapy practice involves use of archika, gathika and samika verses (Vedic verses with single, two and three notes respectively) to enhance focused attention and to improve concentration and to help get into meditative and relaxed states. These recitals called proto raga-s are used in special education settings for children with special needs in the process of mental developments, behavior and personality trait. With these proto-ragas and rapid rhythms, special children respond readily and more quickly than to medium-paced ragas . (Sairam, 2006)
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and yes also to upgrade yourself, spiritually and technologically. You need both :D

He did share few amazing stories about his courses in Germany, and African jail, truely amazing. You should be there, to feel it :D

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