August 30, 2010


All my life, I valued friends a lot. I have worked on relations, loved and given a lot. Hurt people too at times. All this while I had a feeling that I mattered after all, I am cared after all. But a point comes in your life, when you begin to question every relation around you. What is friendship all about? Is it sharing bits of your life with someone? or just being there? What if the other person, ain't sharing.. then? Does that mean you are valued less? Or that you are just expecting more?
Relationship equations are extremely weird. It is difficult to judge a relation by someone 's actions yet you only have actions to vouch for. Words are anyway flimsy, if you see that way, actions are flimsy too. To know love and seek happiness is an eternal need. To seek that in a relationship is stupidity, to seek in a friendship even more stupid......

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looking within said...

Bawa was saying all actions springs from the root "this is not right". So there is no point in searching for fulfillment in actions related to relations..
Also like this idea;
All expressions starts from a part that's deep and pristine within and the only cause; if at all; is LOVE..But as and when it comes out , reflects the state of mind; which changes all the time anyway.
Kutti I was almost going to ask why you are not blogging:-D