October 09, 2012

Every wives tale

Nothing disgusted her more than the unwashed utensils in the sink. Oh wait, there was fallen socks on the floor and the wet towel on the bed..  She liked things clean and organized. There was nothing wrong in wanting your kitchen to be impeccably white and she liked them to remain that way. White was pure beauty and it was hard to keep things white. But she did it. Everyday she scrubbed her kitchen four times. Once in the morning, then after cooking, then in the evening after the children came back from school ( they always spill something on the table) and then before retiring to bed.
People thought she was obsessed, but she saw nothing wrong in it. I mean, compared to so many other obsessions, this seemed to be a rather healthy obsession. This was the only thing she loved to do, made her feel in control in an otherwise ordinary life.. Her spotless kitchen  made her feel extraordinary. It was her pride.She would even smirk at the mess in the homes of her' working' friends.  When she saw their apologetic faces, she felt rewarded. Each time she felt that, harder she worked to keep her home cleaner.
People say obsession in life makes your life miserable but the pleasure and power that it gives is enormous. This obsession was the only thing that kept her sane. Her sanity was imprisoned in this obsession. It wasn't like she could talk about it, her obsession towards cleanliness. No wife can talk about it. What triggers this sickening feeling of inadequacy, knowing that the cup will never be full. Every wife has suffered this in silence, with  almost Zen like stoicism. You cannot talk about it, no one does. Instead , you clean.

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Coral Crue said...

totally relate to it lol